We Offer a Broad Range of Government and Public Affairs Services

Advocacy & Lobbying

Whether you are seeking a change to state law or hoping to prevent a change, we will give you a voice in the process. We work to introduce legislation, identify bills of interest to clients, and ensure you have an effective voice throughout the legislative process. We provide the strategy, the coalition building and the advocacy to be an effective part of the process.

Regulatory and Rulemaking Advocacy

Agencies are charged with implementing the laws enacted by the legislature. Agencies make policy through rulemaking and in their application of regulations in specific situations. We represent clients in the rulemaking process so that their voice is heard before final agency decisions are made. We also help clients communicate who they are and how agency decisions impact them to key regulators and policymakers.

Public Policy Monitoring

Sometimes all you want is to know what legislation and regulations are being proposed and whether they are adopted. This information is critical for compliance with the constantly changing statutory and regulatory landscape. We provide this service in a real-time and cost-effective manner.

Government Relations Planning & Training

Some clients wish to develop their own in house capacity to monitor policy developments at the state level and participate in the process on their own. We have worked with clients to develop detailed government relations plans, network with elected officials and build their capacity to engage in specific policy debates using their own staff. We come to your office to work with members of your leadership team and staff to teach you how to navigate the various electronic methods for identifying policy issues as they arise and effectively participate and advocate in the process.

Public & Media Relations

Policy debates often end up in the news. We handle everthing from press releases, press conferences, editorial board meetings, interviews, and other communications to ensure that our clients’ voices are heard and their positions are clear to the media and the public.